Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for programmers to write any kind of official bot for Iranian messengers,
because the Eitaa company has not added this feature to its messengers.

Description V1.0.0:

bot is unofficial.

This bot is written in the powerful python language.
the first step: After receiving your account information or the account you created for the bot,
it enters eitaa and after a few seconds, it asks you for a one-time password.

The bot doesn't do any damage to the user account, it acts like your assistant.

The second step: You are asked to create a list of user ids with an algorithm that gives you.
The third step: In the period 00:00:00 when the day changes
It will open online solar calendar and check the event of that day and send greeting and condolence text to the given ids.

This bot also supports Farsi language.
In the next version of this robot, which I will start writing soon, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning,
all user account operations can be entrusted to the robot. The first bot,
after finishing the writing of the project, will be used in one of the centers of Azad University of Quds city
Good luck.

Description V1.1.0:

Currently, it is possible to respond to the user ID that has been given to her,
in this feature, she informs all users that the person is not online, and by announcing the items,
users can choose one of the items to deal with.

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